• “Being a member of the Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) since 2015, I have benefitted on a personal and professional level. This platform has not only helped me expand my business network, but I have also gained business knowledge through different trainings and workshops. Network between members is another benefit I gained from the organization.”  – Pratima Thapa Karki, General Member

  • “My membership at FWEAN has enabled me to increase the quality of my products through various trainings I have attended. Participation in the national and international expos and seminar has given me the much needed exposure, confidence and networking opportunities. FWEAN also facilitates and informs its members on how to access finance which I find quite useful because this is one major challenge for a lot of women entrepreneurs. Moving along with the time, familiarizing us with the new digital tools and apps to enhance our business is truly helpful. I feel proud to be a member of FWEAN as it has given recognition as an entrepreneur. Thank you FWEAN for all the support you have provided to me so far.”  –Sumitra Palanchoke, Executive Member

  • “Even during COVID-19 pandemic when our business came to a standstill, FWEAN supported us greatly through various trainings. We were really worried about how to revive our businesses. After repeatedly sitting in the virtual sessions we have become champions in using digital apps like zoom, which we had never used before.  We have learned about how to run and keep our businesses safe during emergencies. Along with other women entrepreneurs from Lumbini Province, I have participated in trainings on how to do advocacy, operate digital tools, digital marketing, access subsidized loan schemes of the government and banks. Institutional strengthening and improving governance of WEAN Chapters were also focused on during the lockdown. The Federation an umbrella body for women entrepreneurs in Nepal is really working to bring changes in their life. It is an honor for me to be associated with FWEAN.”  – Saraswati Sharma, Executive Member representing Lumbini Province

  • “Networking, knowledge & information sharing and support is key for any entrepreneur. My association with FWEAN has provided me with this opportunity. I participate every year in FWEAN’s expo, this has been a good platform for me to promote, market and sell my products. Now, many people know about my products. The presence of the organization in many districts all over Nepal has widened my outreach to women entrepreneurs throughout the country. The capacity building trainings from FWEAN have been worthy, helping me learn a lot of things about effectively managing and strengthening my business. I have also been able to access the subsidized loan facilities based on information shared by the organization. I get to know about lot of government policies through my affiliation with FWEAN.”  – Basu Maya Tamang, General Member