FWEAN focuses on these four objectives:

  1. Advocate on issues related to women’s economic empowerment
  2. Enhance capacity of women entrepreneurs
  3. Support businesses of women entrepreneurs
  4. Increase outreach of FWEAN
  • To advocate on issues related to women’s economic empowerment, FWEAN yearly organizes national consultation workshop to identify such issues, bringing together its members from all over Nepal under one platform. It then takes up those agendas with relevant government stakeholders.
  • To enhance capacity of women entrepreneurs namely its members as well as aspiring and potential women entrepreneurs, several capacity building and skilled based trainings and workshops are designed and organized annually.
  • To support businesses of women entrepreneurs FWEAN has been providing services like business counselling; ideas for new business creation; business expansion strengthening. Likewise, services for marketing and promotion for women entrepreneurs are extended through Winbiz e-portal (www.winbiz.com.np) and by providing opportunities to participate in national and international expos. A Business Development Centre will start to consolidate all its services and wishes to introduce business incubation services.
  • To increase outreach of FWEAN to new and potential members, districts and partners, it works in collaboration with its members, partner networks and stakeholders. FWEAN’s, WEAN chapters are present in 29 districts of the country and continues to expand to other districts with the target to reach all districts in the next 3 years. It has over 100 individual members affiliated with the organization and is in process of expanding its membership base. To enhance and expand its work FWEAN has developed affiliations and strong ties with several national federations, organizations, networks and stakeholders.


The core values that FWEAN believes in and promotes are:

  1. Accountability :  FWEAN takes personal responsibility for using resources efficiently, achieving measurable results, and being accountable to supporters, and partners.
  2. Ambition :  FWEAN sets high goals, and is committed to improving the quality of everything they do.
  3. Collaboration  FWEAN respects and values each other, thrive on their diversity, and work with partners to leverage strength to make a difference.
  4. Creativity  FWEAN is open to new ideas, embraces changes, and takes disciplined risks to develop sustainable solutions.
  5. Integrity :  FWEAN aspires to always act in the best interests of society and environment.