Reasons to get affiliated with FWEAN as an Entrepreneur.

Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) empowers existing women entrepreneurs and motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to join their entrepreneurial journey. Here are some of the reasons that attracts entrepreneurs to FWEAN:

Advocacy for Women Entrepreneurs’ Rights: FWEAN advocates for women entrepreneurs’ rights in Nepal, working towards creating a conducive environment through policy advocacy with the government and other stakeholders.

Capacity Strengthening: FWEAN conducts various capacity-building activities including workshops, seminars, webinars, counseling, and training courses. FWEAN offers consultation sessions/training on business legality, financial literacy, business management, digital literacy, and entrepreneurship development. It also offers training sessions on various aspects of marketing like costing, pricing, labeling, packaging, and digital marketing. Online campaigns and platforms are also utilized for product promotion. These sessions help women entrepreneurs in starting, enhancing, or scaling up their businesses.

Business Support: FWEAN provides business related support through its Business Development Center (BDC). FWEAN runs various campaigns online to promote the local products of women entrepreneurs. Buyers and sellers meet are organized to provide sales growth through B2B and B2C. FWEAN runs an ecommerce WinBiz (Women in Business) e-portal to provide online marketing space and support to women entrepreneurs. This is more like habit making ecommerce platform for first time ecommerce users. FWEAN organizes events like the International Women’s Trade Expo to promote and market women entrepreneurs’ products at national and international levels.

Networking and Relations Building: FWEAN provides a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with other professionals, consultants, marketers, agencies, and members of various organizations. This facilitates cross-learning, sharing opportunities, and enhances networking and communication skills.


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