Business Development Center

March 02, 2023

Every business is started with an aim of long-term survival. Still, it is seen that 90% of startups fail, and a lot of those who survive the first few years eventually get to a point where they cannot grow and is led to closure.

A business can be viable and sustainable when it has a change management strategy, it needs to adapt and update with change of time.  Women- led micro-enterprises or startups are run with limited resources and are unaware of availability and accessibility of business-related services. Women entrepreneurs require a mentor who would take up a holistic approach to support them.

FWEAN has come up with a solution which aims to hold hands and help women entrepreneurs to work on their business sustainability. BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER is established with a vision to support women entrepreneurs in all aspects of their business by FWEAN. Business Development Centre (BDC) is a one stop hub that will serve women entrepreneurs to access the business-related services which will guide them to run a sustainable business. Whether it’s a new business or a business looking to grow, all the needed guidance will be accessible through the Business Development Center.

Services of BDC:

  • Formalization: Many micro level businesses that are not registered yet are looking for support regarding the registration process. From gathering knowledge on where to register to actually going through the process. We will provide the required facilitation.
  • Training: Various training like digital financial literacy, digital marketing training and workshops on leadership, accounting, personality development, negotiation skills, training on quality improvement and development of products, market research, promoting their products, packaging and branding their finished products that are required to build capacity of entrepreneurs.
  • Business related advice: Advice on Legal Compliance, Financial and HR Audit, Trademark so on could be required by an entrepreneur and through BDC we will connect to the reliable service provider.
  • Digitalization: Business Development Centre will be responsible for running and marketing the WinBiz e-portal, and facilitating in showcasing their products on the website as well as through physical store
  • Membership for Market linkage and Networking: Business Development Centre will share information and facilitate to participate in local and international trade fairs and exhibitions. FWEAN will also organize trade fairs and exhibitions to create marketing, business-to-business platform and opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

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