July 08, 2021

FWEAN’s Annual General Assembly (AGM) is held each year between December and January. The AGM is attended by FWEAN members from the center and two representatives from the WEAN Chapters (FWEAN’s Subsidiaries) namely the President and a representative from their board. The AGM elects the new executive committee every two years. Every election year the AGM takes place in Kathmandu and the other year it is hosted by a WEAN Chapter in the district. The AGM is the time for all members to come together to network and learn about the performance, progress and achievement of the organization in terms of projects, programs and finances throughout the year and make decisions, discuss and set goals for the organization for the following year. The best WEAN Chapters are also awarded during the AGM based on the assessment of their performance throughout the year.

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  • July 08, 2021
  • July 08, 2021