Jan 26, 2024

After completion of her Civil Overseer study from India she came back to Nepal and wanted to start something on her own. But as it would have been expected from society for a young girl who had completed her studies, her relatives pressured her to get married. But she refused and started the rice mill with the help of her family.

Following the establishment of her mill 3-4 other mills mushroomed in the surrounding areas and increased competition. She says, “We had to face a huge loss during the starting phase. It was difficult to pay the electricity bill and the maintenance of the machines. At some point I even felt like giving up but I decided to persevere.”

People in the society started shaming her by saying that all the dust coming out from the mill was harming her beauty and complexion and it would be difficult for her to get married in the future. But she did not allow herself to get hurt or affected by those mean comments and dedicatedly continued on her entrepreneurial journey.

The mindset of the people now is changing gradually and people have understood that a girl can also successfully earn for her family. Some who ridiculed her in the past have now people started praising her for her work. She is now running the business quite well and also has hired staff to support her.

“I feel happy now that the society praises and appreciates the work that I am doing. It gives me lot of motivation and feel that I am stronger now. I also have network with other friends”. There is a sense of relief in her voice as she shares this.

Jyoti being associated with WEAN Dhanusha, came to know about the program and expected it to be a motivational session for all the woman entrepreneurs. According to her women are not respected and given equal opportunity in the society which makes them demotivated. She felt that training as such provided through the project would surely be motivational to all the woman entrepreneurs.

“The sessions were really fruitful and I learned about networking, management and planning, profit and loss and maintaining the balance sheet and day book. I have started the day book in my business and also taught my brother and sister about it”, she shares.

The data pack provided was also of great help as it was monsoon season and there was constant interruption with the Wi-Fi network. “It helped to me stay connected during the training sessions without any interruption and focus on the delivered content,” she states.

She wished for more skill development training for women from Province 2 where woman lack proper skills and knowledge by stating few training examples such as pickle making, beautician, soap making, candle making or agarbatti (incense) making training which would help the woman in Province 2 to take up entrepreneurship, become economically independent and move forward in society.