Jan 26, 2024

Bamboo training: “ From apprentice to teacher”

Sita Jimba is member of Pyutar VDC of Lalitpur district, one of the most remote VDCs (Village Development Committee) of Nepal. Sita is from Tamang Community, a marginalized group who has not got enough opportunities in her life. But since the intervention of POWER Project (Promotion Of Women’s Economic, social and cultural Rights), she has been able to prove that women are capable of doing a lot of things if they are provided enough chances, to earn incomes and to become independent. In Sita’s case, her decision making power has also increased after earning money.

Sita, aged 32, is the mother of two daughters and had traditional farming skills. In 2014, she attended the Basic Skills Training of 20 days on Bamboo baskets making. She started making Bamboo baskets and earned NRS 4000 monthly in an average. Again, the group was provided Bamboo advance training, in which they were taught to make Bamboo stools and racks. In the period of six months, she has already sold 29 bamboo stools for Nrs. 500 each.

Sita says: “It is amazing that I am able to earn so much in a short period of time. I did not had stable income source. But now, my hard work pays.” She seemed happy saying that she doesn’t have to rely on her husband for money. Sita, who had difficulty also in time fulfilling basic needs of her family, was selected as a trainer to impart her skills in Asrang VDC. She successfully ran the training of 10 days, in which she taught women to make bamboo baskets. Soon, it is decided that she will be delivering training to make bamboo stools. Not only that, she has also shared her skills to the women of Shimle, who had not attended the training. She shares: “As I have been sharing my skills, I have been sensing that I have become more confident.”