July 8, 2021

FWEAN has been successfully organizing International Women’s Trade Expo since 2016. Due to the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic, the usual practice of organizing physical trade expo could not be accomplished in 2020. When virtual webinars and exhibitions are on the rise and when women entrepreneurs are largely facing marketing problems, FWEAN is organizing the 5th International Women’s Trade Expo 2021, Nepal (Virtual Exhibition) in September, 2021 over a period of five days, via virtual space. 

The expo’s slogan, ‘Work Together, Win Together’, illustrates and calls for collective efforts from local and global community. As usual it will serve as a platform to bring together Nepalese and international business women, providing ample scope for product sales, networking, interaction, knowledge sharing and product promotion beyond physical boundaries. Constructive connections with other business cohorts and key stakeholders, including government institutions are expected to be made. The expo will be linked to Women in Business (WinBiz) e-portal an exclusive online market place created by FWEAN for women to sell their products.


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  • July 8, 2021