Consultation Meeting and IYB

  • Topic:

    Consultation Meeting and IYB
  • Date: July 1, 2021


1. Consultation with Bank 

Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) organized a virtual session “Consultation meetings with financial institutions to develop banking products and services for FWEAN members” on June 18 2021 under the ILO Skill for Employment Project- “Enabling women owned micro small and medium enterprise recovery”. Participants included FWEAN board members, WEAN Chapters, representatives from different financial institutions, donor’s, consultant and project staffs. The program witnessed the presence of Ms. Anupama Kunjeli, CEO Mega Bank, Mr. Babu Kaji Thapa, GM/Division Head, ADBL, Mr. Narahari Silwal, Head Retail Banking, Global IME Bank. Likewise Mr. Basanta Dahal, Marketing Research and Development Head, Jyoti Bikash Bank, Mr. Roshan Wagle, Head Agri-Lending and Mr. Hitler Shrestha Sanima Bank, Mr. Hari Ghimire, Head SME and CBU, Citizens Bank, Niraj Kumar Basnet, Head SME/MF, Nabil Bank and Mr. Saurabh Shah, ILO.

The Specific objectives of the activity was to identify the practical level difficulties being faced by the women entrepreneurs and banks related to subsidized loan schemes to women entrepreneurship subsidized loan. To lobby for the development of women friendly banking products to the entrepreneurs who are badly affected by the wave of COVID-19. To discuss and identify the potential policy level gaps in banking and financial areas related to subsidized loan and schemes. In addition, to advocate and lobby with the banking institutions regarding subsidized loans with reference to the experience shared by the women entrepreneurs attending the session.

Ms. Anupama Kunjeli, CEO Mega Bank. She also said that, ‘Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) should change the policy which states at least 10 loan per branch to 20 per branch so that more entrepreneurs have access to the subsidized loan’.  Mr. Babu Kaji Thapa, GM/Division Head, ADBL highlighted that bank has been providing collateral free loan at subsidized interest. Similarly, other bank representative also agreed to the Mr. Thapa and said they have been providing the subsidized loan to the woman entrepreneurs.

The banks also highlighted about the misuse of the fund to which the solution was suggested to have A Complain Center both at FWEAN and Banks should be established for prompt action.  

2. IYB

FWEAN organized 6 days virtual session on Improve your Business (IYB) for province 2 and Lumbini province from 13 June 2021-18 June 2021 under the ILO Skill for Employment Project- “Enabling women owned micro small and medium enterprise recovery”. Its purpose was to train and orient women entrepreneurs, who were assessed by ENCOMASS tool, about requirements and considerations to be made for growing their business. This session aimed to Increase the confidence level of the participants in growing their business through orienting them about various business environment, business game modules and strategy, market and marketing, costing and pricing, business plan guideline, and action plan preparation.

The training turned out to be effective as per the feedbacks received from the participating entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs assured to incorporate the practical aspects of the training in their business management for the improvement of their business modality and longed for the similar training and workshop in future as well.



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