3-days Tomato tunnel training at Pyutar and Nallu

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    3-days Tomato tunnel training at Pyutar and Nallu
  • Date: June 30, 2021


FWEAN organized a three days Tomato tunnel training in February 2021 for 16 women at Pyutar and 11 women at Nallu, Lalitpur district under EESJ project supported by Women’s Bank Finland and FCA.

Tunnel farming helps in extending the season of vegetable growth, enabling farmers to produce off season vegetables, thereby improving farm productivity. During the training, the participants learnt about the scientific method of cultivating agro products under a tunnel, making them realize the importance of tunnel farming in increasing productivity. One demonstration tunnel was constructed at each site and handed over to participants with poor economic condition. The remaining participants received technical support materials to construct their tunnel.

“We have always been farming vegetables and tomato under the open sky; it was very difficult for us to preserve the plants during heavy rain and hailstones; all our effort used to go in vain after the rainfall. But, after participating in this training, I am relieved that I no longer have to deal with that problem; my vegetables will be safe under the tunnel and I am hoping I will make more than 50 thousand by the end of this season”, says Ms. Lilata Shyangtang from Pyutar (one of the training participant).


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