5 Reasons why you should get affiliated with FWEAN as an Entrepreneur.

Federation of Woman Entrepreneurs’ Associations of Nepal (FWEAN) not only empowers existing women entrepreneurs but also motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to join their entrepreneurial journey. Hence, here are 5 other reasons why women entrepreneurs should join FWEAN-:

1. Developing Network and Relations

Through FWEAN, entrepreneurs will be able to build relations with various other entrepreneurs, consultants, marketers, different agencies, members of various organizations such as FNCCI, CNI, FNCSI etc. and avail cross learning and sharing opportunities. This not only increases one’s professional contacts but also enhances their exposure as well as networking and communication skills for their business. FWEAN allows networking platforms through various project activities, expos, symposiums, webinars, trainings, consultation meetings, Annual General Meeting (AGM) and so on. The entrepreneurs get to interact with a sound network of professionals and learn from them.

2. Increasing the Market and Marketing of Products

FWEAN annually organizes an International Women’s Trade Expo to facilitate promotion, marketing and sales of women entrepreneurs’ products at national and international level. The expo provides a great space for women entrepreneurs to network with other women entrepreneurs and buyers. Support is provided to women entrepreneurs to make their products marketable through trainings on costing, pricing, labeling, packaging, quality control, digital and social media marketing. FWEAN has also been running various campaigns online to promote the local products of women entrepreneurs. Buyers and sellers meet are organized from time to time for this purpose. FWEAN is also upgrading its WinBiz (Women in Business) e-portal to provide online marketing space and support to women entrepreneurs.

3. Financial, Commercial and Entrepreneurial Consultation

FWEAN through various projects and programs, provides free financial and entrepreneurial consultation as a part of its activities. Sessions on Financial Literacy, Business Management, Financial Management, Digital Literacy, Products Promotion and Marketing, Entrepreneurship Development etc. have been provided to FWEAN members and other beneficiaries which helps women to start, enhance or scale up their businesses.

4. Capacity Strengthening

Through various projects activities, workshops, seminars, webinars, counseling support and several training courses, entrepreneurs affiliated with FWEAN get an opportunity to strengthen their capacity. In addition, FWEAN also acts as a mediator between market and the entrepreneurs to support and promote the sales of their products.

5. Collective Force for Rights of Women Entrepreneurs

As a Federation of Women Entrepreneurs, FWEAN advocates and empowers women entrepreneurs all over Nepal. It works for the benefit of women entrepreneurs to raise their collective voices, for policy advocacy with the government to create women entrepreneur friendly policies, program and environment in the country. 

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