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In  2012, FWEAN started partnership with LWF to increase women's acces to employment, skills  and enterprise developement in Lalitpur VDC of Kathmandu valley.  8 VDCs of Lalitpur namely Chaughare, Bhardeu, Devichaur, Ghusel, Bhattedanda, Malta, Pyutar and Asrang have been identified, although these VDCs are very close to lalitpur and Kathmandu they are deprived of infrastructure and development.  This year, planning has been prepared to promote women entrepreneurship, taking into account the skills and resources available in the area and using it for better market reach in Lalitpur area. The work plan has been solely made to enhance women's skill in better business practices.


Fwean started with Resources, Market and Need Analysis to identify potentiality of these VDCs. It also provided Enterprise Development Training at all 8 VDCs to identify the enterprises need and plan further enterprises in the area. Fwean has focused to enhance their living and income generation potentiality based on the result from the area’s social mapping. Based on the outcome following enterprises have been identified in the  VDCs;

Bhardeu: Vermicompost

Ghusel: Seasonal and off-seasonal Farming

Malta: Peas and Ginger farming

Pyutar: Bamboo based crafts

Asrang: Beekeeping


Further, training has been planned for the enterprises such as costing, pricing, book keeping, packaging and labeling. Fwean has a Business Development Counselor to provide continuous counseling to the entrepreneurial groups and also to children who have left schools.

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Latest News & Events

On Friday 26th May, two FWEAN board members, Mrs Ananda Shova Tamrakar and Mrs Basanti Pradhan, visited Sunaulo Gadeule Mall Samuka Group, in Bhardeu.

It was a perfect occasion for a councelling session regarding the following subjects: market linkage, packaging and businesses' registration.

This group is specialized in vermicompost production and brings together 11 women's members. They received the support of the POWER "Promotion of Women's Economic, Social and Cultural Rights" project from LWF (Lutheran World Federation) and FCA (Finn Church Aid) which aims to:

  • Increased women's access to and control over land and capital
  • Increased income through employment opportunities for women and girls
  • Improved women's economic, social and cultural rights through enhancement of capacities of local government bodies and community organizations
  • We also realized afew videos to obtain members' testimonies about the benefits of vermicompost production for them and their families.










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