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Vegetable farming: “Business training for growing company”




Seti Maya, aged 43 like many Nepalese women, bears the burden of earning a living for her entire household. Her husband is a carpenter and earns half of Seti maya earns from her vegetable farming. Unfortunately he is drinking almost all his earnings leaving Seti with no steady income and the responsibility of supporting her growing children. Her three elder daughters are already married. She has the responsibility of educating her 16-years old son and 19-years old daughter, who still live at home. Seti sought opportunities for herself and her family, and fortunately discovered an organization that supports the economic development of women: FWEAN.

On August 11, 2014, Seti attended FWEAN’s “Start and Improve Your Business” training, where she was educated on the importance of business marketing, business planning and generating income for women. Motivated by this training, she sensed that she needs to increase farming capacity for income generation.”


On September 14th, 2014 she attended further FWEAN training, in coordination with the District Agriculture Department, on “Organic Vegetable farming”. This training helped her establish an income generating business plan and enabled her to expand her farming on her 6 Ropanis of land and to sell the vegetables for profit on the market. She proudly shares, “Previously I used to save Rs 100 in my account at women’s cooperative. Now I am able to save Rs 200 and Rs 100 each for son and daughter.” She is much happier with her vegetable farming as an income source, but hopes that the benefits reaped will be as much as the labour and effort she is putting into her farming. By only growing subsistence agriculture, she was unable to generate a higher income.


FWEAN has been involved in Seti’s development, through regular counseling and follow-ups. Due to water shortages in Bhattedanda-3 Seti has struggled. Initially, FWEAN provided her with a plastic pond to collect water, but as her house was completely destroyed during the earthquake, the pond was used as a roof. Therefore, FWEAN supported her by giving her a pipe coil in order to continue her farming enterprise. This improved access to water collection facilities has been a major step for increasing the local farming capacity.

After talking to Seti Maya, she proudly admits: “Had it not been for the trainings, I would have continued to produce vegetables for the household like I always did. And I would have been working as a daily waged labourer in house constructions to save for my children’s education. I would not have known about increasing my business potential or income generation by women without these interventions. I gained the confidence to earn on my own by expanding my farming because of the trainings and support from FWEAN”.