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From the President


FWEAN has come a long way since its establishment in 2003. It continues to work in line with the spirit of its vision of nation building through socio-economic empowerment of Nepalese women.

In Nepal where women constitute more than 50% of the population, I believe socio-economically empowering them not only gives them voice and choice but allows them to be drivers of change in the society and contributors in the economic growth of the nation.

We want to create a conducive environment for women’s participation in business, to help them explore, identify and harness the ideas and grounds to start, grow and expand their business. At FWEAN, we follow an integrated approach of supporting women whether in business, in the informal sector or desiring to start a business through advocacy, capacity building, marketing and networking opportunities.

We believe in the strength and power of Nepalese women that given the opportunity to test their potentiality with full support and encouragement they can break through all barriers.


Bhawani Rana

President, FWEAN