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Basu Maya's Story



In November 2015, a ToT on Entrepreneurship Development was organized for 21 FWEAN members with the support of ILO. It was the first time some of our members had attended such training and actually their first time preparing a business plan. The things that they learned while preparing the business plan was very eye opening for a lot of them. Many realized they were doing their pricing incorrectly. 


Since the training, there has been no looking back for one of the participants - Basu Maya Tamang of Nepali Mann Udhyog who produces traditionally powdered chilly and Sichuan pepper mixed pickle. She reflects back, "It was in the training I learned how to make a business plan for the very first time.  I realized I was doing my pricing all wrong. No wonder my business was running at a loss." Since then Basu has revised her product price from NPR 200 to NPR 250.


Basu who joined FWEAN as a member in July 17 2015, now is an active member of the organization. She never fails to participate in any training or programs organized by FWEAN. "Participating in the 1st International Women's Trade Expo in April 2016 gave me a lot of exposure," she shares. "Many now know me and my product." 


She attributes her product marketing success to her participation in the expo and membership in the winbiz e-portal. Winbiz is a marketing e-portal for women entrepreneurs and their products. The establishment of the e-portal in its final leg of development has also been supported by ILO. She states, "The portal has really helped to promote my product and get it recognized in the market." 


Just the other day an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Gurung came to FWEAN looking for Basu's pickle. A day before Mr. Gurung had emailed the office inquiring about the product after finding Basu's product and FWEAN's contact in the e-portal. After a call back from the office they visited FWEAN the very next day. Mr. Gurung had a picture of the product on his phone. Actually their children living in Hong Kong liked the pickle so much that they wanted their parents to find it and send it to them. They bought five bottles, promising to return for more.


Recently Basu attended our first marketing training organized by FWEAN/ ILO from August 11-16. In the marketing training, the participants were asked to open a Facebook page for their business. The same day she went back home and created her business Facebook page. The very next day she got a monthly order of 30 kgs of her product through the page.  She is totally determined to put more of her learning into practice.


Lately she has been participating in a lot of national and international exhibitions. She is tirelessly promoting her product and trying to create a market of her own. She states, "You have to be able to learn to grab the opportunities that come your way. Participating in this program is an investment for me and I am going to make the most of it."


There is no stopping for this hard working and dedicated woman entrepreneur who is a single mom of four. FWEAN is truly happy to see the transformation through our trainings and her economic empowerment. We will continue to support Basu in any way possible to upscale her business enterprise.


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