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Entrepreneurship is a modern term that is starting to reach more people with the advancement of technology. It is a new way to explore your interests and bring out possible benefits from it. When I learnt about entrepreneurship and its scope in the rising market, I knew what I wanted to do. I was always passionate about creative cooking and making new things. I have always had the desire to work for myself and not anyone else and the brainstorming gave me the idea of starting a chocolate company in Nepal using the best quality materials available. So with the help of my husband, I started my business which is now known in the market as Columbus brand chocolates. It was started in the year 2068 B.S. and since then we have been reaching our customers, spreading smiles through our tasty chocolates. We initially had only bar chocolates but as our customers demanded for more varieties, we started bulk chocolate selling as well. Now, we have a variety of chocolates to offer and have more innovative newer ones coming.

Our products are:

  1. Columbus Bar Chocolate
  2. Columbus assorted chocolate – with coffee and candy
  3. Columbus cookies

Our main idea behind our business was not just economic benefits but also how we could sustain in the competitive market with a product that is not only loved by our customers but also are given as gifts to others. With that motive, we started our packaging in Nepali Lokta paper. This not only gave a local feel but also created employment opportunities to people in the rural areas who are engaged in paper making. Besides this it gave our product a unique look. This gave us satisfaction and encouragement to work towards betterment. Today, after 6 years in the market, people know our product as Nepali chocolate which means they look for a product made in Nepal that is equally good in taste as well as quality compared to other multi-national chocolate companies. This keeps us going and inspires us to do best in what we do. We are proud that we are the first chocolate bar manufacturers in Nepal.

I feel honored to be a part of the FWEAN family and it has been great knowing other women entrepreneurs who are doing remarkable works in their own fields and inspiring others. They have all been a great inspiration for me too. So I thank the entire team of FWEAN for being an association for us entrepreneurs and helping us do better and for your unending support. I pray for the growth of FWEAN and that we may be able to  impact more lives together by building a society where women stand independent and lead.



Earthquake Relief Fund

Bank Account Detail:
Nepal Investment Bank Limited
Putalisadak, Kathmandu
A/c Number: 01205030110261
A/C Type: Current
Pan Number: 301934592
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

Latest News & Events

On Friday 26th May, two FWEAN board members, Mrs Ananda Shova Tamrakar and Mrs Basanti Pradhan, visited Sunaulo Gadeule Mall Samuka Group, in Bhardeu.

It was a perfect occasion for a councelling session regarding the following subjects: market linkage, packaging and businesses' registration.

This group is specialized in vermicompost production and brings together 11 women's members. They received the support of the POWER "Promotion of Women's Economic, Social and Cultural Rights" project from LWF (Lutheran World Federation) and FCA (Finn Church Aid) which aims to:

  • Increased women's access to and control over land and capital
  • Increased income through employment opportunities for women and girls
  • Improved women's economic, social and cultural rights through enhancement of capacities of local government bodies and community organizations
  • We also realized afew videos to obtain members' testimonies about the benefits of vermicompost production for them and their families.










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