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The Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) since 2012 has been supporting FWEAN to improve its policy advocacy and institutional development through various capacity building programs and program support.

From 2012 - January 2017 FWEAN has organized several meetings, consultations, interactions, workshops and talk programs to contribute to policy reforms supporting women entrepreneurship development, and institutional capacity building for better serving women entrepreneurs in Nepal. 

As a result of years of lobbying and advocacy, FWEAN has been selected to represent in the Industry and Investment Promotion Board in the new Industrial Enterprise Act and has been actively participating in their meetings.

CIPE has played a facilitative role in helping establish linkages and strengthening relations with likeminded women entrepreneurs’ network and chambers from South Asia for effective cross learning, knowledge and experience sharing.

In 2015-16 FWEAN was involved in ‘Promoting Women Entrepreneurs involved in Agro Business’. The project brought realization that awareness and information is key to empowering women in agriculture to access various programs, services, loans and subsidies provided by the government in the agro-sector. FWEAN is adopting this learning in its new projects.

Similarly, since October 2016 FWEAN is involved in the "Empower Women" project. The main objectives of the project is to support collaborative capacity building action plans for women's empowerment and also to share best practices for empowering women through business associations and chambers of commerce.

Since, November 2016-January 2017, FWEAN was involved in the institutional development of 10 of its district chapters i.e. Women Entrepreneurs’ Associations (WEAN) through leadership and governance training. In, seven of these districts a stakeholder meeting was also organized to introduce FWEAN and WEAN, so as to improve district level coordination, linkage and collaboration, at the same time garner the necessary support for WEAN to expand its work at the district level.