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CECI opened its Nepal office in 1987. Since that time, CECI has carried out 34 projects in more than 40 districts of Nepal divided among the five priority regions.


It is still the most active Canadian international development organization working on economic and social development in Nepal.


CECI cultivates long-term partnerships with numerous NGOs, cooperatives, private businesses, local councils, and central government agencies and departments. Their main areas of work are:


  • rural poverty reduction;
  • good governance and democracy;
  • reducing disparities between women and men and between castes, particularly in terms of participation and access to services;
  • community health, nutrition, and hygiene;
  • natural resources management with a priority on rural electrification and marketing of forest resources;


Uniterra is one of Canada’s largest international volunteer programs, was set up as a joint initiative of Center of Study and International Cooperation CECI and World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and is present, nowadays, in 15 countries in 3 different continents. Uniterra started in Nepal in 2004.


The program aims, through volunteer exchanges, to develop long-term partnerships in order to strengthen the capacities of participating organizations to better attain development targets outlined in the Millennium Development Goals and poverty reduction strategy of Host Countries.


Volunteering is an experience of sharing and collaboration between volunteers and host partner organizations, and the benefits are mutual: learning to be adaptable, understanding other cultures and traditions, listening to people and finally, trying to support them as best as possible in participating with partner organizations to reach their goals.


FWEAN already hosted two volunteers from 2016, a communications advisor and a fundraising advisor, and CECI is proudly supporting Enterprising magazine and the 2nd International Women’s Trade Expo in Nepal.


Earthquake Relief Fund

Bank Account Detail:
Nepal Investment Bank Limited
Putalisadak, Kathmandu
A/c Number: 01205030110261
A/C Type: Current
Pan Number: 301934592
Swift Code: NIBLNPKT

Latest News & Events

On Friday 26th May, two FWEAN board members, Mrs Ananda Shova Tamrakar and Mrs Basanti Pradhan, visited Sunaulo Gadeule Mall Samuka Group, in Bhardeu.

It was a perfect occasion for a councelling session regarding the following subjects: market linkage, packaging and businesses' registration.

This group is specialized in vermicompost production and brings together 11 women's members. They received the support of the POWER "Promotion of Women's Economic, Social and Cultural Rights" project from LWF (Lutheran World Federation) and FCA (Finn Church Aid) which aims to:

  • Increased women's access to and control over land and capital
  • Increased income through employment opportunities for women and girls
  • Improved women's economic, social and cultural rights through enhancement of capacities of local government bodies and community organizations
  • We also realized afew videos to obtain members' testimonies about the benefits of vermicompost production for them and their families.










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